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Spiritual Ceremonies

Each ceremony is unique.  I will work with you to craft your special occasion.  We can pull ideas from nature, from historical documentation, and from traditional religious ceremonies, as well as from any other ideas you may have.


Rev. Nicholls performed our wedding ceremony – and it was beautiful! She worked with us to find out what was important to us – what we wanted to make sure we included in the ceremony (and what we wanted left out!). At the same time, she took the lead, not asking us to do more than we were willing/able to handle during that busy time.

We gave her themes and images that we wanted worked into the ceremony. From those, she created an absolutely wonderful ceremony that not only WE loved but that received compliments from all the guests. It was personal. It was beautiful. It was perfect!

I should also mention that Rev. Nicholls has the most lovely demeanor. She calmed nerves, made all the guests feel welcome and included, and even made us laugh (which was awesome!). It was just the right balance of formality and levity. I would highly recommend her for any ceremony that’s important to you.

-- M. Armstrong, Los Angeles, California

In addition to working with you to create the ceremony, I can provide spiritual counseling prior to the wedding.  As an example, this counseling could include past-life agreements, present-life agreements, bringing karma into present time, etc.  This service can be both spiritual and legally binding (where you will have applied for and received a marriage license) or it can simply be a spiritual ceremony (spiritual acknowledgement of a civil union or perhaps a renewal of vows).  I am a licensed minister and may legally perform wedding ceremonies in California and several other states in the U.S.

Anyone of any age may be baptized.  This is a step in acknowledging yourself, and/or your child, as spirit in a body.

Last Rights (before and/or after transition)
Last Rights, very basically, involves gathering the energy of the dying or deceased so it may be taken with him/her upon transition.  It is most advantageous for each of us to have our own energy at hand for our own use, including during transition.

Funerals and Memorial Services
These services may be set at any vibration you wish.  Grieving is a very useful human process and is often experienced around the transition of a loved one.  Even though you may be going through this process, the service honoring the transition of your loved one can be set at any vibration you wish – perhaps joy, celebration, sanctuary or appreciation or any combination you choose.

Others (suggested by you)
What other steps are you taking that you would like to acknowledge with a ceremony, service or celebration?  The options are open.

Please email me at to discuss these services.

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