Aura Healings

Long-Distance Aura Healings last approximately 15 minutes.  A long-distance healing is done without the use of the telephone and does not require a specific appointment time.

An Aura Healing is a tune-up for your spiritual energy system.  Imagine a modern car running on leaded gasoline; the car may be able to run for a while but something would “not be right” because the system is gunked up.  An Aura Healing serves to clean your energy system.  I notice where your energy is flowing and where it is not flowing.  My goal is to non-invasively assist you in allowing your energy to flow freely through your space (your aura). 

I use various healing strategies during an Aura Healing, depending upon what is needed. Some of these include:  noticing grounding, earth and cosmic energy flow, chakra alignment, aura layer centering, free-flow of energy in the layers of your aura, and clearing of whacks, invalidation and/or energy cords.

I may notice that there is some stuck energy in your aura.  Because what one focuses on grows, instead of focusing my attention on that blockage, I focus on your having your own, free-flowing energy in that area of your aura.

For an in-person Aura Healing, I will ask you to sit in a chair.  I will stand a few feet away from you and move my hands and arms around a bit, though often I will remain mostly stationary.  For a long-distance healing, I will work on a mental image picture of you.  Whether in person or long distance, I am observing your aura and giving you an energy healing.  You may notice the sensation of energy moving around you, but you may not.  You may temporarily feel warmer or cooler than usual.  Feeling or not feeling these sensations is fine. You may find yourself yawning as you release energy that isn’t you; again, this is fine. Whatever your personal experience, an energy healing is occurring.

Whether or not you experience physical sensations during a healing, you will likely notice that a “shift” in your energy has occurred.  Perhaps a troublesome situation rights itself, or a physical pain has disappeared, or else you simply find yourself in a more uplifted frame of mind.  In any case, when your energy is flowing easily through your space, life’s big challenges can often seem smaller and life’s petty annoyances can often evaporate.  Other times, external circumstances may remain unchanged, but you find yourself reacting to them more calmly.

During an Aura Healing, you will have released a great deal of energy that isn’t yours, energy that didn’t belong in your space.  I will “fill you back in” with your own energy.  This is energy that had been previously displaced.  Now that you have it back, you again have it at your disposal.  You will be, once again, running on your own energy!  

Aura Healing:  $10 (regular price $20).

Please e-mail me to schedule set up a healing:  perfectandevolving@gmail.com.


Hands-On Healings (currently unavailable)

Hands-On Healings are always in-person and last 25-30 minutes. Allow yourself an additional 10 minutes to sit quietly after the healing.  People generally find themselves more relaxed and in better communication with their bodies after a Hands-on Healing.

You lay on a massage table, fully clothed.  I physically touch your body, noticing where energy is flowing and where it is not.  Instead of focusing on any blockages, I “say hello” to your energy moving easily through your space.  This gently assists you and your body in having present-time communication.

Hands-On Healing:  $45.

Travel-to-You:  I may be able to drive to you, for an additional $2/mile ($10 minimum).  

Pain Ridge Healings (currently unavailable)

Pain Ridge Healings happen very quickly, in 3-5 minutes. They are in-person healings that can be done in conjunction with a Clairvoyant Reading and/or a Hands-On Healing.

Pain Ridge Healings provide a quick opportunity to smooth out built-up energy in your aura.  I stand two feet from you and gently “comb” through your aura using my hands.

Pain Ridge Healing:  $5.

Christ Force Healings (currently unavailable)

Christ Force Healings are always in-person and last 5 to 10 minutes. They can be done in conjunction with a Clairvoyant Reading and/or a Hands-On Healing.

Christ Force is a powerful yet gentle healing vibration of ease and forgiveness.  You lie on the floor (or massage table if a Hands-On Healing has just concluded).  I touch the souls of your feet and briefly “run” the Christ Force energy through your space.  This is an energy cleansing for your body and aura. 

As with all healings, you will have released a great deal of energy that isn’t yours, energy that didn’t belong in your space, so I will “fill you back in” with your own energy.  This healing generally leaves people feeling enthusiastic and refreshed.

Christ Force Healing:  $10.

Healing Packages

Long-Distance Healing Packages are always custom created based on your needs, and may last one or several days.  In-person Packages may include various Clairvoyant Readings and Healings.

Healing Packages focus on a particular subject, project or healing request.

Prices vary by content.

Please e-mail me to set up a healing time: perfectandevolving.com.