Clairvoyant Readings

Each phone reading is scheduled for one hour.  Most people find this simple form of Spirit-to-Spirit communication to be very validating. 

I “say hello” to what you are creating in present time.  Sometimes, the things I see and mention have already crossed your mind, or you thought you could only hope for such things.  In reality, I simply acknowledge what you are already creating as spirit – things you have created on a spirit level with the intention of manifesting physically.

You will find that I do not predict the future or give advice.  It is for you to find your own answers and create your own life.  This reading is a tool that you can use as a springboard or to simply confirm that which you already see for yourself.  Take from the reading only that which is useful and “rings true” for you.

During the reading, you will also find that I laugh often; the more serious the subject, the more likely I am to employ laughter.  This is because amusement is a much higher vibration than pain, sorrow and other serious emotions.  Keeping the vibration up allows energy to move, to flow.  It is wonderful to watch anguish be replaced by something lighter, perhaps joyful expectation, ease, or serenity.

What you focus on grows:  I validate what you are already creating as spirit.  This attention generally causes your creations to grow, to get bigger and to push any energies (things) out of your space that are not in agreement with your new creations.  Your focus, here, generates additional expansion in the area of your creations.

A one-hour reading can be structured a number of ways.  This composition is most popular:

I begin by taking a brief look at your current growth period, and I notice if you are on or off your spiritual path.  Next, I will look at past lives you are currently referencing. 

Think of past lives as library books.  You have had so many past lives that you have an entire library, a treasure trove, of “books” from which to draw.  Just as with a library, you take out only two or three books at a time.  You simply don’t need the information from every single book all at once.  You choose to look at the books, or past lives, that are relevant to your current situation or a situation you would like to create.

Next, I may look at what you are creating in some or all of the layers of your aura (your energy field surrounding your body).

Lastly, there is time for questions.  I can look at how you are creating money, how you are creating love and other inter-personal relationships.  I can look at the energy of a particular circumstance in your life – whatever is of interest or concern to you.  You may find that some of the questions you intended to ask have already been answered during the first part of the reading.

Each of us takes steps and makes changes in present time.  I mention what I see you creating as spirit; you can then continue along that course or you can adjust it – in present time – thus affecting your own future!

Clairvoyant Readings:  $47 (regular price $95).  Phone readings require advance payment.

Please e-mail me to set up a reading time: